8 Crazy A.I. Websites You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!

8 Crazy A.I. Websites You Probably Didn't Know Existed!
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8 Crazy A.I. Websites You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!

Any websites and tools that I mentioned in this video, I’ll link up the down below, as well as time sets. Let’s get started with the first tool. This first one is from Stream Speak, and you’re able to generate English-speaking speech from tech text, or in other words, text-to-speech. Here’s what you do.

You add your text and I’m going to copy and paste this sample text. You choose the voice and you can choose between a US male, female, or one of these other options. What you do next is scroll down and click on that generate button and in just a few seconds, it’s generated a voice from the text. I’ll play this so you can hear what it sounds like.

Stream Speak allows you to generate realistic-sounding audio from text. We use a mix of machine learning algorithms to bring you the best voice generation technology.

So it’s not too bad in my opinion, given it’s a free tool. What you can do from here is download the file and then use it on your social media, videos, clips, or presentations. This next website is going to help you enhance any low-quality photos that you may have.

It’s called an AI image enlarger. So here’s a demo to best demonstrate the A.I. Websites. What I’m going to do is upload one of my low-quality photos and then upload it to AI image enlarger. Here are my original photos so you can see before, I’m going to zoom in so you can see exactly what it looks like.

Quite pixelated and blurry, and it’s just not in detail. Let’s now take it to an AI image enlarger to see what it can do. Here’s what you do. You grab your photo drag and drop it to the box right here. Select between a two x or a four x resolution.

I’ll select four x and then click on Start. Now that it’s finished, click on Download, and voila. Here it is. Let’s now zoom in. Here’s the after. Even better. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison so we can see it in detail.

Here’s the before. You can see it’s all pixelated. And here’s the after. A big improvement. You can see it’s much smoother and more detailed. And while we’re on the subject of visuals, here’s another great AI-powered photo tool. It’s called a magic eraser. And as the name suggests, it is a magic eraser. What you can do with Magic Eraser is remove any unwanted items or objects on your photos. Great A.I. Websites

So let me take a photo out and let’s drag this right here. Now that the photo is uploaded, what I want to do is remove this gold pen right here. You can select a brush size, and once you’ve set that, you can simply highlight what you want to remove. Now, once you’ve done that, click on Erase. And just like that, that gold pen disappeared. You simply download it once you’re done.

All right, very quickly, how are you liking these websites so far? Let me know by giving this video a thumbs up. Now let’s continue with the video. This next website and tool is going to help you write better and faster. It’s called a writer. Here’s how Writer works with its interface. You select a language, select a tone.

I’ve selected casually. You choose a use case. And in my case, I want to get some post and caption ideas for my Instagram posts. You enter your post topic. I’m going to put in the benefits of having a morning routine. Select three variants and creativity level as optimal.

I’ll click on right for me. In an instant. It’s come up with three caption ideas based on the post topic. And you can see it. You can read it right here and check this out. Because I selected a casual turn, you can see it in the writing. For instance, with this one here. Sleeping your body as it deserves? You bet.

But sleeping your brain too. Yes. As you can see, you can use Writer to completely write your content, or you can use it as inspiration or as a guide to writing your own content. Next up, here are a couple of experimental AI tools from Google itself. The first one is called Talk to Books. What you do with Talk to Books is type in a query sentence or a statement in the search box, and then it will try to help you discover interesting perspectives and books you may want to read. A.I. Websites

So what you’ll do is you can type in something here, or you can try one of the samples. So something like, how can I stop thinking and fall asleep? Let’s click on that. What it’s done is it has looked at every sentence in over 100,000 books to find responses that would most likely come next in a conversation. For instance, we’ve got this book here you are happier.

It says, takes magnesium and melatonin, which are often very effective. Here’s another one. It says, to set aside my work for a full 24 hours. And it says, I write down whatever is bothering me on a piece of paper and put it in my study so that I don’t have to think about it anymore.

Again, this is an experiment by Google to teach its AI how real humans have conversations and how it flows. Here’s the next one from Google. It’s called a thing. Translator let’s say, for instance, you’re overseas and there’s a bit of a language barrier, and you want to translate something like a drink. So you take a picture of that drink, and then you can translate it into that language. So there are some languages, but not all.

What I’ll do is I’ll take out my phone so you can see how it works. All right, so I’ve got Thing Translator open and I’ll click on the blue button called Launch Experiment. So I’m going to take a picture of my indoor thermometer. I’ll tap on the capture button and it’s detected it as a clock, which isn’t too bad, close enough. But if you look on top, you can see it’s translated into Spanish.

If you tap on Spanish, you can see there are other languages too. If you swipe up, it will show other things that it has detectors. So clock 84%, rectangle 82, and wood 82%. All right, moving on to the next website. This one is called a replica. It’s an AI-powered chat companion. So let me demonstrate. When you sign up, the first step is to choose your AI friend.

You can select between a female, nonbinary or male. So let’s scroll through some of these just to see what it looks like. This is the one I’m going to select and I’m going to click on Next. Give your replica a name. I’m going to name her Jane. Let’s click on Finish from here.

What you do is you start chatting with your Replica. Here’s the chat window and let’s go and say, Hi, who are you? As you chat, you earn XP and with the XP you can then go to the store and purchase and personalize your AI or Replica. Let’s, for instance, ask Jane how the weather is. So we’ll type it in and press Enter Oven at 20 XP. A.I. Websites

There we’ve got a response back so I can keep on going and earn XP points. I can choose a conversation. Having fun? We can relax or learn. At the top right, you’ve got your wallet. We’ve got 305 coins and 15 gems. Or we can purchase extra gems and coins outright. At the store, you can purchase different things for your replicas, such as clothing, appearance, and even personality traits. This next to the site is going to help you turn your thoughts into words.

It’s called Word Tune and it’s an extension that you install on your Chrome browser. One use case is when you’re writing emails. Here I am in Gmail and I’ve kind of written my email, but I want it to sound a bit better. So right here it says, thanks for reaching out to me.

I can simply highlight that there’s that Word Tune icon and it’s going to give me suggestions in terms of other ways of saying it, such as thank you for getting in touch with me, or I appreciate you reaching out to me. So that would be a better choice, in my opinion. A.I. Websites

Let’s highlight this one now and click on Word Tune. And here are some other suggestions such as, I am looking forward to hearing from you, or Please let me know what you think. Another great use of Word Tune is, let’s say you’re writing an article or a social media post.

I’ve got this paragraph here, I’ll click on Rewrite, and Word Tune has given me these other suggestions as your best lessons don’t come from others telling you what to do or what to avoid, but from the experiences, you go through. And there you have it. Those are the eight cool and interesting websites to try today. Let me know in the comments below which of these you found interesting. I’d love to know.

A.I. Websites – Links to all the software I spoke about in the video:

1. Speech From Text:
2. Image Enlarger:
3. Magic Eraser:
4. Rytr:
5. Talk To Books:
6. Thing Translator:…
7. Replika:
8. WordTune:

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