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Free Digital Marketing Basic Course 2023

Digital Marketing Basic Course
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Free Digital Marketing Basic Course 2023

What Will You Learn In This Course
They will be able to learn Digital Marketing basics and clarify some concepts on this subject.
Some part of this course also aims at practical digital marketing and personal branding that shall help people get some practical experience.
Learn Landing pages and email marketing practically
Learn about Various tools practically and live demo
Digital Marketing Basic Course

Anybody from any background may enroll in this course. There are no limitations.
Notice: Critical Update

Visit the Digital Scholar website to acquire an updated course for a Free Advanced course. Also, have access to live training on a variety of subjects, including marketing automation, Facebook advertisements, Instagram marketing, marketing growth, and more.

Do you know how to use digital marketing? Have you not? Hence, no need to worry! You have the chance to start everything again from fresh here. To empower the globe and embrace individuals with my expertise in digital marketing and my love of teaching, I have created over 21+ free video lessons in this Digital Marketing Basic Course

My name is Sorav Jain, and I’m the creator of Echovme, India’s first digital marketing firm, as well as Digital Scholar, a digital marketing school situated in Chennai.

I’m on a quest to spread the word to individuals about the commercial potential of digital technology.

These are the 21 lessons you will get daily to master digital marketing, just as you should define the purpose of life the way you do for your digital life.

Learn the following in these free video lessons in this Digital Marketing Basic Course:

1. Digital Marketing Foundations

2. Practical technique for launching sponsored advertisements

3. Recognizing landing sites and email marketing

4. Using case studies to comprehend social media tactics

5. Increasing Instagram Followers

6. WhatsApp for business: How to Use It

7. Guidelines for producing organic leads on social media

Who this course is for: This course is for anybody who wants to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and wants to put that knowledge into practice.

Get Free Access To The Course

Please note that this course was free to signup for at the time that we posted it to our website. We try to keep all links and courses up to date. Should the course not be active anymore, please let us know in the comments

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