How To Setup A New Windows 11 Computer – The Best Method

How To Setup A New Windows 11 Computer
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How To Setup A New Windows 11 Computer

How To Setup A New Windows 11 Computer

A new computer might be difficult to set up, but since Windows 11 was released, the procedure has been simplified and made easier to use. This manual will take you step-by-step through the process of installing Windows 11 on a new computer, from setting up a user account to adjusting the settings to suit your needs.

Create a user account in step one.

The creation of a user account is the initial step in configuring a new Windows 11 machine. You will be asked to check in with a Microsoft account or create a new one when you first switch on your computer. For best security, a Microsoft account is advised since it enables Windows Hello and two-factor authentication, lets you encrypt your system drive, and lets you restore your data if you lose your password. There will be no monitoring if you opt to establish a new Microsoft account because it won’t be connected to an existing phone number or email address.

Customize the parameters in step two.

You will be sent to the Windows 11 desktop after creating a user account, where you may start personalizing the settings. Cleaning out the crapware, which consists of undesirable programs and shortcuts that are added to the Start menu, should be one of your first priorities. Just right-click on the icon and choose “Uninstall” to get rid of them.

How To Setup A New Windows 11 Computer when making changes to the privacy settings is a further crucial step. You should explore the new privacy options in Windows 11 for things like location data, diagnostic data, and more. Navigate to Settings > Privacy & Security to view these options.

Step 3: Start the Windows Sandbox program.

The Windows Sandbox functionality has to be enabled if you have Windows 11 Pro, Enterprise, or Education. This makes it possible to quickly start up a secure virtual machine without requiring a complicated setup. Since the VM is entirely separate from your primary PC, you may try unknown apps and access dubious websites without any danger. When you’re through, just shut the sandbox to fully erase all evidence of your experiment. Go to Search, type Windows Features, go to the bottom of the list, and then select the box to the left of the Windows Sandbox option to enable it.

Customize the Start menu in step four.

How To Setup A New Windows 11 Computer, the Start menu has a new look with live tiles that show news and updates from your programs. The Start menu tiles may be resized, rearranged, or removed entirely to suit your preferences. You may do this by selecting “Resize” from the context menu when you right-click on a tile to change its dimensions or “Unpin from Start” to remove it. Simply click and drag the tiles to the correct spot to arrange them.

Fifth step: Modify the theme

You may customize the appearance and feel of your desktop with a number of built-in themes in Windows 11. By navigating to Settings > Personalization > Themes, you may change Windows 11’s default light theme to a dark theme or a custom theme.

Customize the power settings at step six.

There are several power options in Windows 11 that can help you save energy and lengthen the battery life of your computer. Go to Settings > System > Power & Sleep to find these options. From there, you can modify a variety of settings, including when the device goes to sleep and when the screen shuts off. You may also change the settings for each individual app that is currently running on your smartphone. You can find the applications that are using up more power and change their settings by going to Settings > System > Battery.

How To Setup A New Windows 11 Computer – In conclusion, installing Windows 11 on a new machine is not too difficult. You can also check this article from Pc Mag 🙂

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