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Inbox Dollars Get Paid to Read Emails, Play Games, Search the Web, $5 Signup Bonus.

inbox dollars
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Inbox Dollars is a firm that links brands and customers. Daren Cotter, who was a college student at the time, created it in 2000 and is still the company’s CEO today.

We’ve all been spending a lot more of our leisure time at home ever since the outbreak. And as long as you have an internet connection, you can use Inbox Dollars to transform that idle time into money.

To be sure, you won’t be able to earn as much money working for Inbox Dollars doing sporadic online activities as you would doing delivery work for DoorDash or Instacart or driving for Uber or Lyft.

inbox dollars

Yet Inbox Dollars could be what you’re searching for if you’d want to make a few more dollars without getting up from your sofa. Moreover, a $5 cash sign-up bonus is available.

Whom Does It Serve?
Users of InboxDollars may make money in a number of ways. They consist of:

Looking at paid emails
Taking polls
Watching videos while shopping online
Game playing
Paying scratch-off games
Test offers
Using the search engine on Inbox Money and more!

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So how does everything function? And how much money can you hope to make from doing these different things? Let’s examine InboxDollars’ operation in more detail.

$5 Welcome Bonus
With a $5 registration offer or a “free $5 to get started,” Inbox Dollars lures you in. All you need to do to get started is enter your email address, create a site password, and validate your email address to get $5. Count me in.

After providing my email address, I received $5 after validating my account. Awesome!

My To-Do Lists
After signing up with InboxDollars, I finished creating my profile. This 10-minute activity brought in an additional $0.50. InboxDollars was interested in every aspect of my life. When was I born? Do I have any health issues?

I choose to respond “I prefer not to answer” in response to a lot of the questions since you can. They reportedly utilize the data to connect you with surveys.

You are encouraged to “Take Another Survey” after finishing the original profile survey. I elected to leave the box and complete the things on my “MyList” in order to earn an extra $0.50 instead of accomplishing that.


Paid Emails
You may get the extra $0.50 bonus by completing the activity marked “Confirm Your First PaidEmail” at the end of the list.

Once you’ve gotten your bonus, you may cancel your subscription if you don’t like getting spam in your mailbox. Just click “Click Here to Unsubscribe” at the bottom of a Paid Email from them. Adjust your preferences to stop receiving their mailings after that.

With good news, you could decide that receiving their PaidEmails is beneficial. You make progress toward a Scratch & Win with each one you confirm.

Completing the surveys might be a tiresome procedure. You may sometimes get surveys from InboxDollars for which you are ineligible. I was eliminated from four polls before I saw a single episode of Fuller House. Survey companies are searching for a certain population.

I finally found a survey I could participate in, and I got a measly $0.25 in return. Around 10 minutes were spent on the survey. I was making around $1.50 an hour at that point. Nonetheless, that’s $1.50 more than I would have otherwise earned while watching Bridgerton on my sofa.

I eventually succeeded in completing a few more surveys for greater rewards. Also, if you are disqualified, you may spin “Billy’s Wheel” to go farther toward a Scratch & Win or win cash.

Money Offers
More opportunities lay on the Offers page. Cash offers fall into six main types. Which are:

Totally Free Deals
Discovery of Content
New Deals
Favorite Clubs
Saving money while earning it

There are several offers to make $0.10 to $3.50 for downloading some of the free applications to your phone on the mobile web version. Also, you may earn $0.05 for each scan of a certain product’s barcode at shops provided you agree to give them your location information.

Also, there are offers from investment and gig economy businesses. For instance, InboxDollars offered up to $150 if you signed up for an UberEats Driver position via them when we tried their service. Also, they were giving new Stash customers $75 off.

inbox dollars review

How Are Earnings Redeemed?
If Inbox Dollars has a drawback, it is that their minimum cash-out amount is rather large. You must first earn $15 before you can request your first payout. But, you may only make any further payment requests if you have accumulated at least $10 in prizes.

After earning $15, you may withdraw your money via PayPal, an eGiftCard (such as an Amazon gift card), or a prepaid Visa. For a while, Inbox Dollars was one of the only incentive programs still accepting check payments. Nevertheless, at the beginning of August 17, 2021, checks were no longer accepted as a form of payment.

Do you charge anything?
Instead, InboxDollars is paid by its partner marketers each time a user completes an activity on the site. This is how it is able to pay members in cash even though there are no membership costs.

InboxDollars: How Does It Compare?
One of the first and best-known cashback sites is InboxDollars. In contrast, a number of websites and applications compete in this market, some of which have lower cash-out requirements (or none at all).

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