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Welcome to my Tube Builder review with my full Tube Builder demo. You’re going to get a full demo of Tube Builder and see exactly how this new software basically creates done for you affiliate sites in seconds. How it works. You can get a full demo. Not only that, if you decide to pick up Tube Builder today through my link below, there’ll be a link down below in the description box. Not only are you going to get this for the cheapest possible price, but you’re also going to get a massive discount when you go through my link down below, which is a cool bonus I’ve got for you. My first bonus, as I say, this is going to save you money. If you get Tube Builder through my link below it will save you money. So please do keep that in your head as you’re listening to me today. But I’ve also got a second bonus that’s going to help you make money with Tube Builder on day one because I want you to actually make money with this. There are so many tools out there, out there which build wonderful done for your affiliate sites, beautiful websites that you don’t need any marketing skills for, you don’t need to worry about hosting, you don’t need to be a creative or know any code and that’s exactly what Tube Builder does.

It builds done for you websites for you. But if you can’t make money with it, it’s useless. And my second bonus, which I’ll talk to you about in a moment, will make you watch this money with Tube Builder on day one when you activate Tube Builder and you activate my bonus which you’ll only get if you pick it up through my link below, you’ll make money with this on day one. Now, what exactly is Tube Builder? Well, Tube Builder as it says here, is a completely automated and done-for-you affiliate website builder which means you don’t need to worry about web hosting, you don’t need to go up and set up, go and buy domains or anything like that. This handles it all for you. And in fact here is an example of just exactly how easy it is. You start with a blank site and then it pre basically fills it with any particular topics that you want. Now if you look here, in fact, click my link below and come through to the sales page you’ll see exactly how easy it is. First of all, you choose the topic of your website and there are twelve topics you can choose from personal finance, fitness, cryptocurrency, do-it-yourself, self-improvement, cooking, technology, et cetera, et cetera.

You then just press the button. Import. That’s all you do, you press the import button. You’ll see this in my demo in a moment and what it does is it pulls in YouTube videos and creates web pages with YouTube videos so you have beautiful videos, which is awesome, and it creates articles below those videos. So you actually have full blog posts and all the writing is handled for you. The videos are obviously pulled in from all around the web. What’s awesome is there are multiple ways that you can make money with this. Because you can have banner ads, there’ll be affiliate links that are pre-created into the content that’s pulled in. Tube Builder handles this all for you. Now, again, click my link down below, come through to the sales page and have a read of it for yourself. But like I said, I’m going to do a full Tube Builder demo for you right now, so you can see exactly how it works. My bonus, though, which I want to tell you about, which will make you even more money with Tube Builder, is this. As I’ve said, Tube Builder makes money by getting visitors to your website.

If you can’t get any visitors to your Tube Builder website, you won’t make any money, right? Because no one will be clicking your affiliate links, no one will be clicking your banner ads, no one will be clicking any of the eCommerce products which come pre-loaded, pre-made, all done for you inside of Tube Builder. You need to get people there. Now, if you’re not very good at promoting your websites, if you’re not very good at getting visitors, you’re going to have problems. Now, I’m going to fix that for you with my free FOMO traffic bonus. Now, this is a paid product of mine that you will receive completely for free. And what it does is it will send visitors, customers, laser targeted buyer traffic from Cora, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest for major websites which are very underleveraged. It will send you for free, real people with money who will come to your Tube Builder website that you set up. So you set up Tube Builder and then activate my FOMO traffic bonus. And when you do, people will start hitting a website, thousands of people a day if you do this properly. Now, there are people who’ve been using FOMO traffic who’ve been paying me for over two years now.

And you have someone like Philip Jahanson, he’s used my FOMO traffic bonus to grow a YouTube channel. 14,000 people, I think how many people are on his YouTube channel right now? All from my FOMO traffic bonus that you’re getting for free. Imagine 14,000 people coming to your Tube, building a website and clicking your affiliate links, and buying affiliate products, and you’re getting all of those commissions in the first week of you setting it up. Very possible. You got Dan Khan, he used my FOMO traffic to grow a YouTube channel to a little smaller than Phil. He’s making about 7000 people, but still a huge amount of people. Then there’s Billang. He’s what’s called an affiliate marketer, which is what you’d be using Tube Builder for, where he sends the traffic from FOMO Traffic, which is free laser-targeted buyer traffic from those four websites I talked about and he sends them to various affiliate offers and this is the kind of money he makes. I asked him to send me his income slips of how much money I was making with my FOMO Traffic bonus and he makes like $250 a day, $100 a day, $500 a day, $300 a day.

All of this is through the free laser-targeted buyer traffic, which you will get when you pick up Tube Builder through my link below. So if you want a done for your affiliate website builder, which just takes a few clicks, you want to see this in a demo in a moment. You’ll set up a beautiful website, pre-built with beautiful videos, and pre-loaded with articles, all written. You don’t need to do any writing, you don’t need any video creation, you don’t need to do any web hosting, you don’t need to know anything about it or have any technical marketing skills. If you set up your Tube Builder and on the same day you set up FOMO Traffic as well, FOMO Traffic will send you hundreds, maybe thousands of buyers to your website each and every day. They’ll be clicking your affiliate links and you’ll be making affiliate commissions every single day through Tube Builder. Not only that, if you pick up Tube Builder through my link below, you’ll get a massive discount. So you’ll be paying the cheapest possible price for Tube Builder. So check out my tube builder demo. When you are ready, click my link down below.

Come through to the Tube Builder website, pick up Tube Builder, and get started. Set it up, set up phone traffic, and start making affiliate commissions. Stay with tube builder. Click my link below now.

All right, so in this video, I want to walk you through and show you how easy it is to create your site using the two-builder software. So I’m just inside the online app here, with absolutely nothing to set up. You just create your account login. With it being an online app, you can access it from absolutely anywhere. So all I need to do is come over here to create the website and then I’m going to choose what I want to create this site on. So I’m going to do this site on Smart home. So Smart Home products, a very popular topic right now. So I’m just going to go ahead and name the site Smart Home. I can also upload a logo so I can go ahead and I can choose that. So I have my logo in there and then I just simply click Add and that creates the site. So from there, I’m going to go up here and I’m going to choose that site and we’re going to add content to it. So to add content, all I need to do is come down here to the done-for-you niches and I can drop that down and I can choose from any of these done for your niche markets.

I can also use any market I would want by just entering my own Channel ID. But I’m going to go ahead and use one of the done-for-you niches. So mine was Smart Home, so I’m going to choose that. From there, I simply click Import and it’s going to bring in all of that content for me. So I’m going to save that. And just like that, we’re done. So you can see that took just literally a couple of seconds. So here’s the Smart Home site we just created and we can go view that. I’ll open that in a new window and let’s go take a look. Just like that, again, in a matter of seconds, it popped in my logo. Up here. We have all of the content it brought in. We can view any of the different pages. Or if we go up here, we can just click on one of these and you can see it brought in the title, it brought in the video, and all of the content as well. So just like that, in a matter of seconds, I have my site completely ready to go. Now, of course, we’re going to want to monetize this site.

So to do that, we simply come into the back end here, we go to our settings, and we have these custom ad boxes. So in these ad boxes, I can put in absolutely any type of affiliate link I want. It could be Amazon Products, it could be Warrior plus Clickbank absolutely anything. You’re not restrained to one category. So you can pop those in here and what will happen is those will then be displayed across your entire site. So in just a matter of seconds, you have the entire site monetized and ready to start earning you commissions. So as you can see, it doesn’t get much easier than that when it comes to creating an affiliate site. Now, the great thing about these sites is they will actually continue to grow as well. So the YouTube channels we’re using to bring in content, any time they add new video videos, those videos will be added to your site as well. So not only does it create a done-for-you affiliate site that’s ready to go in just seconds, that site will continue to grow day after day after day as people continue to add more videos to YouTube.

And this all happens completely. Hands off. So if you’re ready to finally start making some affiliate commissions, go ahead, and grab your copy of Tube Builder today.

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