What You Can Do About Outlook Not Sending Emails and the Reason Why. 1 Don’t Worry

Outlook Not Sending Emails – You hit the send and receive buttons after responding to your email. The customer contacts you a little time later to let you know they have not yet received your proposal. Your pulse quickens. Your email was sent. When you access Outlook after verifying that the email was sent successfully, your email is still sitting in the outbox. The aforementioned situation has happened to all of us at some point, and it always seems to occur at the worst possible moments. Fortunately, there are several remedies that might assist you in figuring out why Outlook is not delivering emails and what you can do to repair it.

The most widely used email and calendaring program today is Microsoft Outlook. Businesses all across the world depend on perspective to make sure their business communications function successfully since it has more than a billion users. Microsoft Outlook is used by organizations to handle emails, manage time, manage contacts, share calendars, and arrange meetings. Lastly you would expect Outlook Not Sending Emails.

You might attempt the following methods to send the messages that are trapped in your inbox: Outlook Not Sending Emails

In the outbox, resend the message.
Examine your internet presence.
Verify the email address of the recipient.
Examine your Outlook’s send choices.
Your Outbox folder could be broken.
Your profile might be ruined.

Send the email again.

Outlook refreshes the email’s status and adds it to your outbox as you write and send it. With Outlook Not Sending Emails, may modify the email’s status if you view it while it is being sent, but it will still be in your outbox. Manually resending the email is the quickest method to attempt when an email has been left in your outbox but hasn’t been dispatched.

To accomplish this, click on the outbox folder, double-click the email message to see it, and then choose to send. This will alter the email’s status, and Outlook will attempt to deliver the message once again.

Verify your situation

You may work in offline or online mode with Outlook. Check your status to make sure you are working in online mode if your mail is still in your outbox and hasn’t been sent.

In Outlook 2007, you may check your status by:

Activate your copy of MS Outlook.
Go to the File tab.
Make sure the Work Offline checkbox is not checked.
Work Offline should not have a checkmark next to it; if it does, click it to do so.
To send the emails to your outbox after making sure you are online, click send and receive again.

Verify the email address of the recipient.

The letter may not be sent if there is an address issue between your email address and the stored address. Add the email address to your address book if the address isn’t already there. This often facilitates sending that obstinate email.

Examine your Outlook’s send choices.

Verify your Microsoft Outlook’s send settings by following the instructions below:

Start Outlook.
On the “Tools” tab, click.
Depending on the Microsoft Outlook version you are using, choose either the “Mail Setup” or the “Send” tab.
Make sure the “Send Immediately” checkbox is selected.
To make sure your computer or laptop is connected to your internet provider, check your connection settings.
Reopen the email in your outbox folder, and click “send” once again.

Set up a fresh outbox folder.

If none of the aforementioned remedies have been successful, the outbox folder may be the source of the issue. A new outbox folder may be easily created. However, I advise creating a backup of your email before you establish a new outbox folder just in case anything goes wrong. You may import messages from the old damaged outbox folder to your new folder. If the email is somehow lost during this procedure, it is simple to create a duplicate of it using software like Microsoft Word to copy the majority of the email and save you time.

Exit Outlook and use Windows Explorer to seek for the file name with the extension “.dbx” to create a new outbox folder or any kind of common folder. Therefore, look for outbox.dbf to locate the outbox folder. Remove it from your computer. Keep in mind that at this point, any unsent mail will be lost. Re-enter Outlook now. A new Outbox folder will be created by Outlook. Try sending the email again after creating a fresh one from your word backup.

You can also view this article from Microsoft to help with your issue

Make a fresh mail profile.

When adding a new profile, click “Add”:
For help setting up a new mail profile, go to the instructions.
Reopen Outlook and attempt sending an email once again.
I hope the aforementioned improvements enabled you to send your email on time!

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